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Make your child faster than Computer & Calculator

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Vedic Maths



√ Course is for 6-14 age group

√ Complete Abacus in 4 levels

√ 2-99 tables without learning

√ 99*98, 93*97 such big multiplications can be solved in 6 sec

√ Increased accuracy

√ Build confidence & concentration

√ Memory strengthening course

√ Saves time during examination

Vedic Maths

√ The world's fastest calculation system

√ for 8th, 9th, 10th Std & above students

√ Also helpful for competitive exams like UPSC, MPSC, NTS, Scholarship, etc

√ 1500% faster than Normal Maths

√ Increase speed & accuracy

√ Make Math Easy to Everyone

√ Saves time during the Examination

√ Build confidence in Maths

√ Addition, Subtractions, Multiplication, Division (without table), Square, Square root, Cube, Cube root, Percentage, Fraction, Viniculum, Digital root, Calendar, Maths Magic, Tables 2 to 9999 & many more


√ We conduct handwriting classes for Std 3rd-10th students

√ We have four different courses for handwriting

1. Marathi language
2. English language
3. Cursive
4. Calligraphy

√ The purpose of couse is to improve their handwriting

√ We call this course as "AKSHAR MOTI"

बनवा तुमचे अक्षर मोत्यासारखे सुंदर


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